Vacation rules on site

What are the general rules?

In general, there is a ban on gathering people (assembramenti) in public spaces. The exact number is not defined here. A distance of at least 1 meter must be observed, 2 meters for sporting activities. If this is not possible, mouth-nose protection must be worn. In Trentino and Lombardy this is generally the case, and even if this is not really practiced consistently, it is always better to have a mask with you. Temperature controls are possible at the entrance to shops, restaurants and other facilities. If a measured body temperature of 37.5 degrees is exceeded, access will be denied.

Are hotels, campsites and other accommodations open on Lake Garda?

Partly. All accommodations on Lake Garda are allowed to open for vacationers in compliance with the legal hygiene regulations. According to a short survey by gardasee.de, some businesses have already opened on June 3rd, while other businesses have planned to open in the middle / end of June. We strongly recommend direct contact to the accommodations in order to clarify all details regarding the opening and the available services in the house (pool, bar, restaurant, children’s areas, wellness).

K I ann joyfully shared an apartment / holiday cottage rental, even if we do not come from the same household?

Yes. According to our current state of information, friends, family friends, who rent a holiday apartment together as a common household. When booking and before arrival, please let your accommodation confirm that this rule continues to apply and that the appropriate hygiene measures have been taken for areas that are shared with other house parties.

Are bars and restaurants open on Lake Garda?

Yes. Bars and restaurants have reopened across Italy. When entering the premises, there is a duty to wear a mask and disinfect the hands. The distance between the tables has been expanded. The minimum distance between the individual guests at the counter and at the tables is 1 meter. A reservation is recommended in any case!

Are the shops on Lake Garda open?

Yes. Shops have reopened across Italy. To avoid excessive customer density, access is limited depending on the business. A mask and hand disinfection is mandatory. The hygiene regulations for trying on clothes are displayed in the shop.

Can I swim in the lake?

Yes. You can swim individually. The distance between the sun loungers on the beach is regulated on site. In principle, however, as everywhere else, the commandment to avoid crowds of people and to observe the distance rules of at least 2 m when bathing applies. Pay attention to signs. The communities of the different lake towns make individual efforts to clean the public beaches. We will follow the situation from place to place from June and keep you up to date.

Do public transport buses and trains run on Lake Garda?

The operation of the bus and train lines runs regularly. Masks and the distance rules of at least 1 meter must also be observed at train stations and stops. The maximum number of passengers is usually 50% of the number of passengers that is normally permitted. Seats with separate identification must be left blank to guarantee the minimum distance between passengers.

Can I do sports?

Yes. Individual sports such as hiking, cycling, MTB, climbing, surfing, etc. are possible, provided that a minimum distance of 2 m is observed. Equipment may not be exchanged with other athletes. Family members from the same household can play sports together, e.g. use a sailboat without a mask. In the case of organized courses and tours, such as climbing tours, the course or tour leader ensures the disinfection of the material and compliance with the distance rules. Team and group sports such as beach volleyball are currently not allowed.

Can I use a boat with a friend?

Yes, but the distance rule also applies here. While people from the same household can use their boat normally without a mask, people from different households have to have enough space on the boat to allow 1m distance between the boat’s occupants and that they have to wear a mask.

What should I do if I experience symptoms of the coronavirus while on vacation?

If you are on vacation on Lake Garda and have symptoms or suspect that you have been infected, do NOT go to the hospital or health facilities, but immediately call the free number of the region you are in:

Trentino: 800 86 73 88 (multilingual)
Lombardy: 800 89 45 45
Veneto: 800 462 340