Terms and conditions

Business terms / terms and conditions

  1. Conclusion of contract: The basis of the contract is the respective rented accommodation with the features and information that are specified on the offer page of this website . By confirming the booking , the tenant accepts the terms and conditions and confirms that they have read and understood them. The accommodation is in the specified location with the specified equipment and included or excluded services for the specified period booked. In the event of a violation of the house rules, be it due to nighttime disturbance in the presence of unregistered persons, the unauthorized bringing of pets can be pronounced by the landlord without notice and without reimbursement of the rental price. In this case, the tenant must leave the accommodation immediately.
  2. Information: after booking, the guest will receive an email with the booking confirmation and payment details. N ach payment received by the tenant’s property information by email. The customer agrees to read all information received by e-mail to the apartment, including the information on the Check-Out, rules and instructions. We assume no responsibility for information of any kind that appear on websites.
  3. Ang ave to tenants and passengers n : All persons and young childrenand pets,who reside in the apartment, have the tenantbe reported. Unregistered persons and pets are not allowed to use the accommodation or the facility. No changes and / or additional persons or pets can be made after your arrival. The non-registered persons /domestic are not authorized to use the apartment and the establishment. Failure to do so mayresult inacontractand / ore.g.for immediate termination of the contract without refund already paid rental fees run and the tenant has the accommodation leave immediately.
  4. Animals: If animals have been allowed in the accommodation by the landlord, which the guest has duly registered with the landlord before moving in, the following rules apply to the animals: The animal must under no circumstances be allowed into the pool. Under no circumstances may the animal remain alone in the accommodation. The animal may not bother other guests of the holiday complex or disturb them with its behavior / barking. If the animal is “taken out” in the respective holiday complex, the owner must ensure that it is clean. The owner is liable for all damage caused by the animal.
  5. Included in the booking price : Unless otherwise agreed, the consumption of water / electricity / gas is included in the price. These costs are calculated for normal consumption . If the consumption during the stay is above the average consumption , the landlord reserves the right to charge these additional consumption costs to the tenant.
  6. Payment: After booking, at least the 50% booking price must be paid as a deposit. The final payment is due 6 weeks prior to departure due. Failure to meet the specified payment deadlines may result in the landlord canceling the contract without further notice. In this case, the cancellation costs can be charged to the tenant. Depending on the type of booking , it may be necessary to request and save the credit card data as part of the booking process. The credit card in this case, the guarantee for the booking or deposit payment will be saved as a means of payment.
  7. The check-in / check-out: The check-in / checkout times depend on the respective accommodation. The various options are displayed during the booking process. In the event that the arrival of the tenant until after 7 pm on the day of the rental period is done , it must the landlord needs to get informed. The journey is not the day of arrival the landlord fails to inform , the reservation will be canceled with costs. Accommodation and related facilities may without the consent of the landlord neitherbefore the check-in time after Check-out time is used. If the check-out times are not met or the access keys are not returned on time, the tenant will be charged for the costs, including the loss of the next guest’s rental. In the event of moving in or early removal of the key , the tenant can be charged the cost of an additional day.
  8. Cancellation / Cancellation by the tenant: In the event that a different cancellation policy has been agreed between the tenants, the accommodation is considered non-cancellable. Only accommodation without transportation to the apartment is booked . If the tenants for personal reasons not arrive or is to arrive due to supernatural occurrences, such as road closures, cancellations or other official directives or Zugangsbesachränkungen not possible, this does not relieve the tenant not from his contractual obligations. Should the tenant own the rental propertynot wanting / able to use for other reasons, he is still obliged to pay the rental price according to the rental agreement. A cancellation of the tenant owing to the unavailability optional services select Parental s not the tenant to free resign. The booking is not transferable, a rebooking to another person must be approved by the landlord. Cancellation by the tenant must be reported in writing, all costs paid for cleaning or tourist tax will be refunded to the tenant.
  9. Obligations and liability of the owner s : The contractual performance of the landlord implies that this the tenant for the booked rental period which is reserved accommodation available. When defects / damage / malfunction, which affect the stay, the landlord in need of 24 hours after notification remedy, otherwise the tenant is entitled to compensation.
  10. Liability exclusion of the landlord: The services to be provided by the landlord do not include insurance, ie the landlord assumes no liability for theft, fire and water damage to the tenant’s property or damage to the tenant’s vehicle.The landlord is not liable for circumstances that are not directly related to the rented property, as well as circumstances over which the landlord has no influence, e.g. B. Beach and location conditions of the holiday resort, or possible noise emissions due to construction or road work or other nuisance by third parties, or impairments due to official orders or requirements. Noise caused by other tenants in neighboring accommodations that are beyond the control of the landlord. If, during the rental period, unforeseeable impairments result from construction sites or construction noise within or in the immediate vicinity of the accommodation, the tenant will be informed immediately, as far as the landlord has been informed. The landlord is obliged to prevent disruptions for the tenant as far as possible. However, if this does not succeed or not completely, the tenant is only entitled to compensation claims in the event of deliberate or grossly negligent behavior by the lessor. The landlord is not responsible for verbal / telephone agreements by third parties (possibly also by the service staff).
  11. Damage that happen during stay: must promptly to the landlord or local service be reported in writing, its enough to send SMS / Whatsapp / Email. The tenant is responsible for all damage caused by him in the amount of the replacement / repair costs. In the case of damages from the tenant not up to the check-out were reported, the tenant will be an additional service fee of 20 € calculated.
  12. Complaints: Cleaning Complaints must log on to the day you move to 19 PM. If a later arrival after 7 p.m. is reported, the cleaning complaint must be reported by 12 p.m. on the following day at the latest. In the event that the landlord cannot guarantee subsequent cleaning within 24 hours of receiving the complaint, the tenant has the right to compensation up to the amount of the cleaning costs. A right to subsequent cleaning does not exist for minor soiling such as: pollen , leaves, dust on the terrace or small cobwebs, the presence of a spider, ants or crumbs in the toaster, as well as in the event of late reported complaints, or in the event of unauthorized early entry.
  13. Claims for compensation : The contracting parties agree that the rental property is used as a vacation property by various people and can therefore be subject to increased wear and tear. Defects that affect the contractual use of the apartment only insignificantly z. B. missing equipment, minor impurities, short-term failure of technical equipment or public supply, possible occurrence of vermin such as ants / spiders, do not entitle the tenant to rent reduction or compensation. Defects / damage / malfunctions of equipment must be reported to the lessor by 7:00 p.m. on the day of check-in (by 12 noon on the following day if the tenant registers in advance). If damage / defects / malfunctions of equipment are not reported, the tenant has no right to compensation. There is cable TV in all apartments and a satellite key for foreign programs. In the event of a satellite dish failing due to a storm, which may lead to missing foreign programs, the tenant is not authorized to reduce the price.
  14. Obligations of the tenant: The tenant is obliged to follow the house rules and pool rules, as well as the landlord’s regulations in the house information. The facilities of the accommodation are to be treated with care and must be kept clean by the tenant during the rental period. For breaches of the house or pool rules in case of complaints by neighbors or administrator by disturbance to the tenant, the cost for the service use charge and resulting penalties by the administration or by authorities imposed. In the case that pets have been approved by the landlord, they must not be in the pool or pool area. Dirt on sidewalks, lawns or in the accommodation, from the pet must be removed by the tenant immediately. Events / Parties: Parties are generally prohibited on all properties. Some accommodations can be booked as event locations. These must be registered, confirmed by us in advance and are subject to a fee depending on the duration and scope. We reserve the right to levy the fee retrospectively if a party takes place unannounced.
  15. Condition when leaving / moving out of the accommodation :
  1. Doors, windows, shutters, awning / sun screen e : must be closed for tenants even with short-term leaving the apartment and thunderstorms, awnings retract. For damages by neglect therefrom is liable to the tenant . Lights , television and air conditioning must be switched off when leaving the apartment.
  2. Condition: The apartment is swept clean, so leave it swept. Dishes, cutlery, kitchen utensils and pots (free of lime or burn-in residues) must be stowed neatly in the cupboards provided, existing kitchen appliances such as stoves, grills, toasters, ovens and hobs must not contain any coarse dirt or burned-in / dried-on food residues.
  3. Waste: The tenant must dispose of the waste himself and dispose of it separately in the containers provided in accordance with the instructions of the respective accommodation. Fines from the municipality of up to 1000 euros can be imposed if the waste is not disposed of properly.
  4. Keys, access cards and remote controls must according to de r Listing description in time for check-out . Rental items such as bed linen / towels / cots etc. must be returned in full and without damage.
  1. Security deposit: A security deposit will be refunded 7 days after check-out. The prerequisite for a full refund of the deposit is:
  1. The tenant has fulfilled his obligations in accordance with the above conditions and has the accommodation on the day of the check-out in the above. Leave it in perfect condition.
  2. In the case of damage caused, incidental costs, missing items, the costs incurred are additionally deducted from the deposit.
  3. The tenant must adhere to the specified nocturnal rest times and pool usage times. In case of proven disturbances of rest (party or violation of the rest times / house rules), documented by complaints from the neighbors or by using the service or by police operations, the guest will be charged EUR 100 per violation (in particular per use of the service). If the deposit paid by the tenant does not cover the scope of the costs incurred, the guest’s credit card may be charged with the additional costs.
  4. Should additional damage occur due to improper behavior on the part of the tenant due to non-compliance with the terms and conditions / house rules, this will be reported to the tenant. E.g. Damage payments to other tenants who report claims / claims / damage due to the misconduct of the guest that the landlord has to pay. Likewise with bad reviews from other tenants on online portals such as Booking.com / AirBnb / VRBO that result from the guest’s misconduct and lead to a business-damaging condition.
  1. Claims demand : Justified to claims of the tenant of complaints in the event that the landlord despite timely written notification of the tenant is not within the specified deadlines has resolved are the tenant within one month after the end of the stay in writing to do . After expiry d ies he can limit claims will only be enforced if the tenant detectable and without its own m was prevented from meeting the deadline.
  2. Notice: The landlord processed and uses customer data in accordance with the Data Protection Act (see DSVGO) . Customer data will not be passed on for any other purpose.
  3. Severability clause: If one or more provisions of these general terms and conditions are not valid, this has no effect on the remaining general terms and conditions. In the case of ineffective regulations, the respective statutory provisions apply. Several persons of the tenant are jointly and severally liable for all obligations arising from these terms and conditions. The court location is Cape Coral, US